Plakous Therapeutics intends to utilize the placenta disc to generate  multiple products for degenerative/regenerative therapy. Additionally, we will treat the amniotic membrane to improve upon its functionality as a drug delivery device and allow for local delivery of drugs, including the cytokines and growth factors procured from the placenta disc in certain applications.

We have a patent pending for a method for extracting and preserving the cytokines and growth factors from the placental disc.  We have begun the characterization of our initial placenta disc derived product, Protego-PD. We intend to demonstrate that this extract can be formulated to provide in situ regenerative healing of arthritic joints and provide faster healing with less scarring in both burn and chronic wounds.

Plakous Therapeutics has an exclusive, worldwide license to the provisional patent 62/307,629: Placental Products and Associated Methods, filed on 14 March, 2016.  Also, we are at the PCT stage with the patent PCT/US17/22257: Acellular Placental Preparations.  We will investigate additional patent-eligible opportunities for Protego-PD in various wound-healing applications as we generate experimental data.

Our pre-clinical data clearly shows that Protego-PD is highly effective in in vitro cellular models of osteoarthritis (OA), wound healing, and peripheral nerve repair.  Accordingly, Plakous Therapeutics decided to apply its Protego-PD product to an in vivo model of OA in rat knees.  Preliminary in vivo data in rats suggest that Protego-PD will stop joint cartilage degradation and aid in healing (Figure 1).

Figure 1:  Protego-PDTM Prevents Post-Injury Knee Damage and Arthritis.  A) India-ink-stained gross morphology of uninjured knee and injured knee treated with single injections of saline control and low- and high-dose Protego-PDTM.  B) Results of blinded scoring of the images.

A)                                           Uninjured   /   Saline ControlDamaged Joint Healed                                       Protego-PD (Low)   /   Protego-PD (High)